Guest Wi-Fi Promo Pack

Promote Guest Wi-Fi to your customers

Welcome to the BT Guest Wi-Fi merchandising site – order your merchandise to drive customers to make use of your free business Guest Wi-Fi service.

All merchandise is provided free of charge, just fill out your details below and we will have a pack on the way!

Step 1 Choose your pack size

2 x A4 Posters, 1 x Double Sided Window Sticker and 1 x Single Sided Sticker
  • Wi-Fi Sticker - Single Sided
    Wi-Fi Sticker - Single Sided
    Quantity: 1
  • Wi-fi Window Sticker - Double Sided
    Wi-fi Window Sticker - Double Sided
    Quantity: 1
  • Free Guest Wi-Fi - A4 Poster
    Free Guest Wi-Fi - A4 Poster
    Quantity: 2

Step 2 Tell us where to send your pack

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